PM Modi restrains rhetoric, asks people to channelise angst towards constructive ideas

NEW DELHI,MANAN KUMAR: Aware of the public sentiment that wants revenge for Uri attack in which 18 army soldiers perished and the practical difficulties that lay ahead, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tried to strike a fine balance in his monthly radio broadcast on Sunday.

Delivering the 24th edition of Mann Ki Baat that completes two years without a break, PM Modi gave a veiled threat to Pakistan saying that army doesn’t talk tough but speaks through valour and at the same time suggesting people to channelise their anger constructively.

Giving a measured speech, he remembered the martyrdom of 18 soldiers as an irreparable loss to the nation and reiterated his resolve to not let the perpetrators of crime go unpunished.

Giving a veiled threat to Pakistan PM Modi said, “We, the public and the politicians speak on a lot of opportunities but the Army does not speak it shows valour.”

Quoting letter of a young student, Harshvardhan, to him Modi said, he wrote to me that after the Uri attack was very troubled and wanted to do something. But as he was unable to find a way to do something, he decided to study three extra hours every day, become an ideal citizen and serve the nation.

Modi exhorted the angry citizens to channelize their angst towards constructive things like Harshvardhan did.

Choosing the opportunity to address Kashmiris, PM Modi, without using any rhetoric, said, “They have started to recognise those elements who oppose our country. They want their life to get back on track. Studies, trade should normalise. The process has started. The security of the people of Kashmir is the responsibility of the administration.”

Modi’s restrained speech drew words of appreciation from unexpected quarters as veteran Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar said he was glad that Prime Minister did not talk of waging war against the Asian neighbour.

“I am glad that Prime Minister Modi did not make any statements on declaring war and am equally glad that he did not make any statement to rile the people’s sentiments,”Aiyar said.

Aiyar, however, claimed that the government has failed miserably in its diplomatic efforts to isolate Pakistan in international forum.

“Russians whom we have maintained strong relationship for the past 60 years is joining hands with Pakistan and conducting one of the largest land military exercises in the history of Pakistan…Similarly, Iran, with whom we share good relations post Chahbar, is trying to reap benefits by trying to join the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC),”he added.