I will never be bothered about the length of a role in a film: Ram Kapoor

Rukmini Chopra, Mumbai: Television actors making it big in Bollywood is not a regular phenomenon, but Ram

Kapoor is one of the exceptions.
Having played leading roles in television shows such as Bade Acche Lagte Hain and Kasamh Se, to supporting roles in films like Student of The Year (2012) and Udaan (2010), he has managed to create a space for himself in the industry.Ram says that the switch doesn’t bother him. “I love the fact that I get to play both lead and supporting roles. I find it interesting,” he says.
The actor adds, “I have studied acting, and see things differently; I’ll never be bothered about the length of a role. Some of the most interesting roles that I have played in movies have been very short. Quality is better than quantity. You can have big roles, with 20-30 scenes in a movie, but they might not bring out the best in you.”Ram’s show Dil Ki Batein Dil Hi Jaane, which was about a woman suffering from cancer, ran for barely five months. Iqbal Khan’s show Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do, which focused on relationship issues, too, saw a similar fate, when it shut shop after three months. Is the audience not ready for such shows? “No, I don’t think that,” says Ram, adding, “There are a lot of variables because of which shows don’t work. I think the audience is evolving and becoming more diverse. It’s just that people have so many choices these days. There are about 200-300 channels. So they switch to something else frequently and easily.”It has become a trend for Bollywood actors to promote their movies on daily soaps and reality television shows. But Ram feels that it doesn’t deviate the show from its main plot. “I don’t think it takes the story off track. Actors may come to promote their films but they don’t come in as part of the main story,” maintains Ram.