Vidya Balan is taking her Malayalam classes very seriously

Rukmini Chopra, Mumbai: Of late, a lot of people have fallen ill with dengue in Mumbai, and Bollywood actors

haven’t been immune to it either. Reportedly, Vidya Balan was diagnosed with dengue on September 15. She has been advised bed rest for about 20 days. A source close to the actor says, “Even though Vidya is making a fast recovery, she is continuing to prepare for her role in an upcoming film, which is based on the life of the late Malayali poetess and author Kamala Das.”Vidya is taking Malayalam lessons through the phone from popular Malayali actor Sreedhanya. “To get the nuances of the diction right, Vidya has been exchanging voice notes over WhatsApp with Sreedhanya,” reveals the source.The source adds that as part of her preparations, the actor is also reading several books. “Vidya dedicates whatever time she gets to reading texts written by and on the author.”