Indore Central Jail to revive well to tackle water crisis

Divya Raje Bhonsale Indore: Authorities of Central Jail, Indore are looking forward to restore the 150-year-well

on campus to tackle possible water scarcity in summer.
During peak summer months, officers need to bring tankers to supply water for prisoners and wardens. Although the jail receives water supply from borewells and river Narmada, authorities have decided to be cautious towards water scarcity this time.
Work has already started for the well’s revamping with men working towards removing the garbage that has been collected in the well over the years now.
The well, which has remained unused for the last decade, retains enough water to last the summers, said jail superintendent Deepak Margava. “We stopped using it as people used to dump garbage in it, resulting in outgrowth of weeds. The well, with its current depth of 20-25 feet, will be dug further next year once its water level recedes,” he added.
Besides, there are plans to install a water pump and a water recharging plant to ensure year-long availability of water in the well.