Milestone Tests in Indian cricketing history

Following are milestone Tests in Indian cricketing history over the past 84 years.

Captain Virat Kohli has the honour of leading the Indian team in the 500th Test at Green Park, Kanpur. Photo: V.V. Krishnan

1st Test: 1932

Captain: CK Nayudu; Opposition: England; Venue: Lord’s; Result: Lost by 158 runs

100th Test: 1967

Captain: Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi; Opposition: England; Venue: Edgbaston; Result: Lost by 132 runs

200th Test: 1982-83

Captain: Sunil Gavaskar; Opposition: Pakistan; Venue: Lahore; Result: Drawn

300th Test: 1996-97

Captain: Sachin Tendulkar; Opposition: South Africa; Venue: Ahmedabad; Result: Won by 64 runs

400th Test: 2006

Captain: Rahul Dravid; Opposition: West Indies; Venue: Kingston; Result: Won by 49 runs

Performance over the years — after every 100 Tests

Tests 1-100

Won: 10; Lost: 40; Drawn: 50

Tests: Till 200th

Won: 35; Lost: 72; Drawn: 93

Tests: Till 300th

Won: 56; Lost: 98; Drawn: 145

Tests: Till 400th

Won: 88; Lost 129; Drawn: 182

Test: Till 499th

Won: 129; Lost: 157; Drawn: 212.

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