Nobody wants nuke war, but nobody will succumb to nuke blackmail: BJP Leader Ram Madhav

NAGPUR: At a time when government was unleashing a diplomatic offensive against Pakistan, BJP leader Ram Madhav has hinted that it may not be confined to just a diplomatic response, but any measure will be handled in an ‘appropriate manner’.

His statement came amidst efforts by government to isolate Pakistan by naming and shaming it and stepping up hostilities at the diplomatic level after the Uri attack.

“As far as other measures are concerned the government and concerned agencies have made it clear that at appropriate time all the necessary responses will be given. It’s not just diplomatic response alone. it will be handled in an appropriate manner and no kind of blackmail is going to be tolerated. Nobody wants a nuclear war in the region and no body will succumb to nuclear blackmailing also,”Madhav told reporters on the sidelines of a conference on integral humanism in Indian thought in the Capital.

The BJP leader had created a flutter with his “jaw for a tooth” comment within hours of the Uri attack. However, two days later he has taken a cautious approach, though he said the “anger” in the country was appreciated by government. “We all know the terrorist attack in Uri has very seriously disturbed the people in the country. They want a strong and appropriate response from the government.It is very well appreciated by the government and Prime Minister himself has said that the culprits shall not be spared. The government has already started certain action at the diplomatic level to isolate Pakistan, to expose its dubious character. It has not only begun, it has started yielding results also,”said Madhav, an RSS pracharak who is now in the BJP.

Sources said there was pressure on the government, keeping in mind elections in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab early next year, and there was expectation that New Delhi could go beyond diplomatic efforts and all stakeholders were active. Besides, the BJP has already made nationalism a key theme, particularly with the Tiranga yatra, which was part of the Independence Day celebrations. However, with the UNGA meeting next week, the government may stick to diplomatic measures till then.

The government, however, is now focusing on chronicling evidence of Pakistan’s involvement in various terror attacks right from the Mumbai attack.

“Terrorism is the weakness and cowardice of the country which promotes it. The target has to be lucky 100 of 100 times, but the terrorists have to be lucky only once. 90 times we have thwarted their efforts. Two days before we neutralised four terrorists. Sometimes they succeed…. My point is let the world understand the rogue nature of some countries especially Pakistan which thinks that it can use this kind of things as a blackmail,”he said.
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