Lance Bass supports Spears, Timberlake collaboration

Los Angeles, Sep 18 – Singer Lance Bass is thrilled at the possibility of pop stars and former couple Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake working


During a chat with the Suit and Tie hitmaker last week, Timberlake said he was totally open to working with Spears.

What does his former NSYNC bandmate Bass think of the latest development?

Justin is down to collaborate with a lot of fun people and there’s no love lost between those two and they’ve already collaborated together. I just hope that it’s something like the Janet Jackson-Michael Jackson ‘Scream’, he told

I want it to be up tempo, I want them to dance their aes off, yeah I think it could be revolutionary.

What if Bass joins in on the collaboration too?

If I was invited, I totally would, he joked. I’d freaking sweep the floor out of them!

Just last month, Spears participated in a question-answer session with fans where she was asked to reveal her dream collaborators. Timberlake just so happened to make the list.