Here’s why Farah Khan is not planning a sequel to Main Hoon Na

Farah Khan made her directorial debut with the hit film, Main Hoon Naa (MHN; 2004). Even though she has made other movies after that, Farah mainly gets requests, especially over social media, for a sequel to MHN.

However, the Happy New Year (2014) director says she isn’t really keen on making one. “If someone gives me a great idea, I would love to make a sequel to MHN. Among my films, MHN is one of the most loved (by fans). Despite my other movies doing better in terms of money, I, too, love this film the most. But to make a sequel, the story has to be really special. Currently, I don’t know how to take the story of MHN forward. Maybe it is because my movies never have loose ends. So, I don’t want to create a franchise, just for the sake of it,” she says.
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It has been 12 years since the release of the film, but even now when Farah meets people, most of them talk to her about the film. “Audiences still remember all the characters, including those of Satish Shah and Bindu,” she adds.
Farah loves the idea of franchises, but also admits that “they are fun, but rarely has a sequel beaten the popularity of the original, even in Hollywood”. She says, “The only thing the sequel always makes is more money. Maybe Dhoom 2 (2006) was better (story-wise) than the original Dhoom (2004). But I feel, usually, franchises simply cash in on the success of the original.”
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