Indian food vs Chinese food: Can you guess which is more popular globally?

Chinese cuisine may be becoming increasingly ubiquitous around the world, but is getting a run for its money from Indian food which is making its way to the plates of foodies around the world, feels celebrity Chef Ajay Chopra.

“Indian food has definitely made a mark on the global map,” Chopra said in an interview.

“Globally, Chinese food has been the second favourite after the native cuisine, but slowly Indian food has become very popular and replaced Chinese cuisine ,” he said.
A widely travelled food expert, Chopra has found that the world over, what is common among food connoisseurs is the love and passion while cooking.

“In my travels, I have experienced that the heart of cooking all across the world is pretty much the same. All cooking techniques are similar and made with love and passion,” said the chef, who hosts the cookery show “Northern Flavours” on Living Foodz television channel.
Asked to comment on North Indian food vis-a-vis South Indian cuisine, he said, “North Indian food depicts the personality of North Indians, which is vibrant, tasteful and quirky whilst the usage of flavourings and fat is on a higher ratio, the food is delectable and enjoyable just not by the whole of India, but around the world.”