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The day of The Jackal and more: Five best films of Frederick Forsyth

British writer Frederick Forsyth announced he is retiring from thrillers on Wednesday as his wife told him he can no longer travel to adventurous places. “I’m tired of it and I can’t just sit at home and do a nice little romance from my study,” said the 78-year-old, who revealed in a memoir last year that he had worked extensively for the MI6 spy service.

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With a dozen novels and 70 million book sales, Forsyth also has some 15 films to his credit. Most of these were written for television.
Here’s a look at five of his best thrillers that we saw on the silver screen:
1. The Day of The Jackal (1973)

Directed by Fred Zinnemann, The Day of The Jackal was about a professional assassin who plans to kill the President of France. It got Ralph Kemplen the BAFTA award for film editing that year and was also nominated for the Academy Awards.
2. The Fourth Protocol (1987)

John Mackenzie directed The Fourth Protocol that starred Michael Caine, Pierce Brosnan and Ned Beatty in lead role. Forsyth produced the film as well. It is the story of a British agent aiming to prevent the Russians from detonating a nuclear explosion next to an American base in the UK.
3. Death Has A Bad Reputation (1990)

Produced by Forsyth and directed by Lawrence Gordon Clark, Death Has A Bad Reputation traces a British agent chasing a famous terrorist. It was made as a TV film.
4. Rooz-e-Sheytan (1994)

Directed by Behruz Afkhami, Rooze Sheytan was a Persian ada[[tation of Forsyth’s novel. It starred Ali Dehkordi, Atila Pesiani and Abdolreza Akbari

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