Crisis in Six Scenes: Watch Woody Allen, Miley Cyrus in hilarious new trailer

With the premiere just two weeks away, Amazon finally revealed the trailer of their much anticipated new show, Crisis in Six Scenes, written and directed by the legendary Woody Allen. The series also sees the return of pop star Miley Cyrus to television after five years.

The six-episode series is set in 1960’s United States. A suburban Jewish couple, played by Allen and Elaine May are visited by a very hippie guest, Miley, who turns their household upside down with her strong communist ideologies.

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The trailer itself has a lot of hilarious moments like the one where a goofy Allen tells his barber of his intentions of creating a TV show. The barber, however, is way ahead of him. He asks, “Oh I see, the usual dysfunctional family with the wise-crackin’ wife and kids and much-harassed husband kind of thing?” and Allen realises how generic his idea is indeed. The last scene is really witty too with Allen telling May (his wife in the show), “God is gonna punish us for this”, to which she replies, “God’s not gonna punish you. You are an atheist.” Allen replies, “But if I’m wrong, we’re in big trouble!”

With the look and feel of the trailer it seems the entire series will be a real treat. (Amazon)

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Want more? This one is cherry on the cake:
“If I ever end up in prison, I am never taking a shower. “
Miley’s character and look reminds us so much of her TV magnum opus Hannah Montana. She is an unapologetic, marijuana-slinging free spirit who says it like it is. When Allen wonders why she hates him so much, she just tells him “I don’t dislike you… just everything that you stand for.”