‘Bad Man’ is an affectionate tag, says Gulshan Grover

In his three-decade-long career, Gulshan Grover has played numerous negative characters.

These roles earned him the moniker ‘Bad Man’ in the industry. “I look at ‘Bad Man’ as an affectionate tag. It reminds me of my childhood, or what you may call my beginning in Bollywood,” says the actor. “That’s how I started my career, and that’s what earned me the popularity I enjoy today.”
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Today, however, the 60-year-old feels such ‘negative’ roles no longer exist in Bollywood. “The line between a hero and a villain is blurring. Movies are becoming more realistic, and in real life, there are no clear-cut heroes or negative characters. There’s lesser scope to play a villain these days. Like every medium, movies, too, have evolved. What we have today are anti-heroes,” says Grover.