Priyanka Chopra was chosen to feature alongside Cindy Crawford, Chris Evans, Kanye West and more as 2016 Royals?

We’ve already told you that our very own desi girl Priyanka Chopra has been chosen as one of the ‘Hollywood Royals’ this year by the W magazine and will be on the cover of the magazine’s annual Hollywood Royals issue.

With this PC has added another feather to her already crowded cap. So far, Priyanka has been featured on the cover of over 14 International magazines. But did you know why was she chosen to feature alongside the likes of Cindy Crawford, Chris Evans, Kanye West and others as the 2016 Royals?

The Editor at Large of the W magazine, Lynn Hirschberg, spills the beans while redefining the term ‘Royalty’ in today’s day and age. As per a report on their website,, she explains,”Today, royalty is not a birthright but it is achieved. Through creativity, greatness, and originality, one can — especially if one goes about one’s business with a certain sense of flair — be crowned a Royal.”

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The report further informs how Priyanka fits the bill as one of the royals this year, “In India, the Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is even more of a household name than Louis-Dreyfus is here, and Chopra’s recent star turn as a FBI trainee in the ABC procedural Quantico should make her famous in America, as well. She’s already a fashion week favorite.”

Way to go girl!