Summer 2016 box office: A comprehensive wrap of all the hits and flops

Summer 2016 is over, and like every year, it was quite the mixed bag. But what made this year unique (and also underwhelming) was the sheer number of reboots, sequels and remakes that flooded our screens.

As a final wrap for summer 2016, we’ve put together a box office report – which we’ve divided into the hits and misses. And as an added bang for your buck, we’re also telling you how the films were received critically.
Before we begin, you should keep in mind a few basic rules. An average Hollywood movie usually needs to make double its budget to break even, taking into account the production costs and exhibitor fee (which is usually divided 50-50, except in China, where the profit sharing ratio is around 25-75). The reported budgets of these films are without taking into account advertising, which can range anywhere from $20-$30 million for the smaller films to $100+ for the big tentpoles.
Also, it should be mentioned that it is generally accepted that the summer movie season starts in March and ends in August – so, no Deadpool.
So, in the interest of staying positive, let’s get the major flops out of the way before moving on to the big success stories.