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What kind of women are men attracted to? And why?

Recently, as part of a project, the European Journal of Social Psychology studied 62 couples for eight months. The researchers wanted to find out how each participant’s desire for sex and intimacy influenced his or her bond with his or her partner. One of the main conclusions that came out of the survey revealed that male participants felt more secure in their relationships when their partners acted in a more “feminine” way.

A Traditional approach
Clinical psychologist Tanushree Bhargava puts this finding into perspective, saying, “Men who want their partners to be more feminine could probably be the ones who have been brought up in a more traditional household. Such men feel that there are predefined roles that women must play. They also believe that women who don’t fit into this predefined frame may cause problems for them or their families,” she says.
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Jenny D’Costa*, a 28-year-old nurse, seconds Bhargava’s thoughts. She faced a similar problem with her boyfriend, who used to often be uncomfortable with her “liberal” behaviour. “I would always speak frankly with my boyfriend. If we were on a date, and I found another man better-looking than him, I would say that too. Many times, my boyfriend would go so far as to tell me how to sit if I was wearing a dress,” she says.
But things took a more serious turn when D’Costa’s boyfriend started feeling that her nature was reason enough for her to cheat on him. So, he hired a private detective to keep an eye on her. “Eventually, he confided in me about the detective, and apologised because he knew I wasn’t lying,” says D’Costa.

Experts say that men from traditional families are intimidated by women who challenge predefined roles. (Images Bazaar)

Insecurity issues
The survey also concluded that men become anxious when their partners are sexually aggressive. Relationship expert Shyam Mithiya is of the opinion that “these men want their partners to be submissive”. “They feel threatened and get insecure if this is not the case,” says Mithiya.

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