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Odisha Became The First State To Pass Lokayukta Bill

Odisha The First State To Pass Lokayukta Bill

Odisha, February 14, Abhijit Saha: Today the Lokayukta Bill 2014 is passed by the Odisha State Assembly. With this Odisha has become the first state to be counted in the country for passing Lokayukta bill on the lines of the Lokpal Bill 2013 passed by both houses of the Parliament. The Bill is passed by the state assembly today unanimously after debating for hours on the clauses that are incorporated in the bill.

This bill will bring under its purview the chief minister and the council of ministers and many others known from the official sources.

Yesterday the last session of the 14th Assembly was extended by a day when discussions on the bill remained without any conclusion.

Earlier the Lokpal bill was passed by the Parliament when the states were given one year’s time to pass their respective Lokayukta legislations. Odisha has passed this bill in about one and a half month’s time. It has also allowed the states for deciding upon the nature of the ombudsman that is needed by the state.

It is known from the sources that this particular Lokayukta of Odisha will comprise of a five member body and will be lead by a judge or the chief justice of Odisha High Court. Additionally it will also include two judicial members including the chairperson. One of these judicial members will be reserved for scheduled categories and woman. These judicial members will be appointed on rotational basis. The Lokayukta has the power to set inquiry into any corruption related matters that is happening in the state.


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