Have a few issues regarding the film industry that I plan to talk about: Irrfan

He is considered one of the best Indian actors in Hollywood. But ask Irrfan Khan to reveal how he cracked the H’wood code, and he says, “Even if I knew any such codes, why would I talk to the media about them?

When I write my book, I’ll reveal them. In fact, whenever I write it, I have a few issues regarding the film industry that I plan to talk about (laughs).”
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However, the star adds that “there’s still time” before he seriously thinks about penning a book. “I have had some great experiences in the industry, which I have to dedicate some paragraphs to (in his book),” says Irrfan, adding that he isn’t working only in the US, but in Europe as well. “In between, I also signed a film in Bangladesh. I’m doing one thing at a time, so it’s easy,” he says.
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After Madaari, which released earlier this year, Irrfan is now busy with a few upcoming projects he is producing. “My job, as a producer, is to develop the subjects, and find the right partner who can raise the money [for the project]. Then, I am out. It’s my job to recognise the potential of a subject and bring in the right team — the director, cameraman and other technicians,” he says.