Noida: Years of tireless RWA efforts finally bring basic amenities to Sec 46

Vaibhav Jha, Noida: For residents of sector 46, it has taken 14 long years of struggle with the Noida authority to bring basic amenities such as milk

booths and banking services to their area.
It is only now that the Sector, which was founded in 2002, has a Mother Dairy booth and a Safal vegetable shop. This has been the result of Anil Misra, founder president of the RWA, persistently pressurising Authority officials for 13 years.
“The then-CEO of Mother Dairy had issued the letter for the allotment of a milk booth in 2002. However, we only got the booth and a vegetable shop in our locality in February last year,” said Misra.
Sangeeta, of A block, said, “I have a 4-year-old kid who needs milk, fruits and vegetables almost every day. Before the dairy booth here was started, we had to travel for nearly seven kilometres to Atta market in sector 18 to shop for essentials. But now, we get milk even at 10 pm. This is all due to the efforts of the RWA.”
The RWA has also been credited with getting an HDFC bank outlet and ATM in the locality.
“There was not even a single ATM in our Sector earlier and we had to go to sector 18 for our banking needs. After years of persuasion, we finally managed to convince a bank to open its branch here last year,” said Babbar.
A chowki of police station Sector 39 was also set up after the RWAs of Sector 46 and neighbouring colonies requested the police to increase its presence in the area.
“We finally have a chowki, but much improvement is still needed,” said Misra.