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I said yes to the role because I was scared of it: Stephen Lang

American actor Stephen Lang has revealed that he said yes to the role of the blind man in the recently released film Don’t Breathe because he was too scared of the character. In an e-mail interview with us, the 64-year-old actor said that his “heart went out” to the character because he was a “victim”.

“I was initially attracted to his silence, and the sufferings that he was undergoing. And then when you come to the twist, you realise that it’s not quite that simple. By that point I was terrified of it.I have learnt through years of experience that a really good reason to do something is when you’re scared of it,” he said.
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Another reason for Lang to do the film was that he found the role “challenging”.
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“That means its challenging. I mean, how could you not play blind? What kind of an actor would I be if I said no to this? What am I looking for? A more challenging role? I knew right away that this is a quality script and a quality story. I don’t care what genre you may want to put this in, whatever it is, it transcends it,” he said.
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Not afraid of being typecast, Lang who is popular for playing the role of Colonel Miles in Avatar(2009) also added that the audience will relate to his character as that of the warrior. “I see my character as a sort of urban legend — partly truth and partly fiction. He can more than survive — he is master of this universe. The audience knows me from Avatar and will recognize me as a warrior. Even though my character here is blind, he tries to overcome anyone who comes into his space,” he said.

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