Yuvraj Singh angry about the Hazel Keech row

Cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s anger after his fiancé Hazel Keech was not allowed to collect money by an international money transfer corporation, because she doesn’t have ‘a Hindu name’ refuses to die down.

In an interview with Mid-Day, the left handed batsman wants strict action taken against the branch officials.
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“Why should Hazel be told she is not Hindu? If she is half-Hindu and half-English, that’s not the poor girl’s fault. Why is there this kind of racial discrimination? Why are they bringing in her dharm (religious affiliation) into this? This kind of discrimination is rampant and is an issue that needs to be addressed in stern words. Some serious action has to be taken against the person who asked her that question. Nobody can get away with talking badly to Hazel,” he was quoted as saying.