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Congress calls PM Modi’s TV interview a bundle of lies

MUMBAI: A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a television interview spoke on India’s economic growth and development being the key focus of his government, Congress slammed his claims as mere pravachan (sermons)

far removed from the realities on the ground.

The opposition also took on the PM for increasing cases of intolerance towards minorities and for his party’s political vendetta towards the Congress ruled states and its senior leaders.

“When in the history of India had we heard about things like ghar wapsi, gau rakshaks and love Jihad? In the past two years we have been dealing with these issues day in and out,” said senior Congress leader

Anand Sharma.

Calling the Prime Minister’s interview yet another PR exercise, Sharma said that the interview was like a fixed match. “Prime Minister fixed the interview and his office decided on questions to be asked,” he said. The Congress leader further added that if PM was keen to speak on his achievements, he should have called a press conference and taken questions directly from the press.

Modi, in his interview, had said that his government worked in all fairness without any bias towards any political parties or individuals. But the Congress on Saturday came out with a list of politicians who have fallen victim to the government’s feeling of revenge. “Our senior leaders have been booked for vague charges. Government is using its machinery including CBI and ED to settle scores with the Congress,” added Sharma.

Congress also targeted the ideological mentor of the BJP for political vendetta. “Prime Minister and his government is full of revenge and intolerance. Political vendetta is part of Prime Minister’s DNA and that of his party and RSS,” added Sharma.

Further slamming the government for fudging the government’s figures and misleading the people of the country, the Congress also alleged that the economic growth figures presented by the PM are far from the ground reality. “Growth rates have fallen. GDP and imports are at their lowest. There is no job creation and the PM is talking about development. The Prime Minister in his own style has misled the nation and lied to the people of this country,” added Sharma.