Sisodia vows to enhance school children’s minimum reading level by Nov 14

IANS, New Delhi: In a bid to enhance the minimum reading level of Delhi school children, deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia said on Saturday the

government will take it up as a challenge to ensure that every government school student is at least able to read their text books by November 14.
The focus will be on students studying from classes 6 to 8.
“This is being done to strengthen the foundation of our education system in the government schools. It has to start from the primary level. We cannot talk about quality eduction unless the students are able to read,” said Sisodia, who also holds the education portfolio.
“Recently a study done by us revealed that about 74 per cent children studying in primary schools in Delhi can’t read their text books. About 46 per cent children, who were in standard 6, could not read books of standard 2,” he said, adding that his government has come up with a comprehensive solution to the problem.
“Every year the situation remains the same, but nobody came up with a comprehensive solution or any plan.
“We are coming with a solution today. We did a study and analysed what are the shortcomings – in attitude, ambience, and the approach. Teachers are working very hard, but it is not benefitting all the students. We decided to take it as a challenge that till November 14, we will bring every children to minimum reading level,” he added.
Sisodia further said: “We should accept the reality… We have to teach these children how to read first. Those who stand at the level of non-reading, they should be brought up to the minimum level of reading.”
On November 14, which marks the birth anniversary of first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and is celebrated as Children’s Day, an internal assessment will be done by the teachers, followed by interaction of the students with people belonging to different walks of life, said Sisodia.
“Teachers will do an internal assessment on November 14. Between November 15-20, we’ll again do an internal assessment through the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) students. From November 21, for one week people from different walks of life would come and interact with the children.
“There will be incentives schemes for teachers, principals and HOS based on their ‘significant contributions’ in making this mission possible. Teachers will take a pledge to ensure enhancing reading abilities of school children by November 14,” he added.