Kejriwal should resign on moral ground: Sheila Dikshit

PTI, Varanasi: Congress leader Sheila Dikshit asked on Saturday Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal to resign on moral ground over his former

cabinet colleague Sandeep Kumar’s alleged sex scandal.
The former Delhi chief minister accused Kejriwal of “shaming the country” after an “objectionable” CD emerged which showed Kumar in a compromising position with a woman.
She was in Varanasi as part of party’s campaign team under the Congress’ ongoing ‘27 Saal, UP Behaal’ slogan.
Dikshit also slammed the remarks of AAP leader Asuthosh, who, while seeking to defend Kumar, had written, “Mahatma Gandhi, JawaharLal Nehru and Atal Bihari Vajpai too allegedly had relations with other women, which was on the basis of their mutual consent, though such issues in their personal life did not suffer their political career.”

The party’s chief ministerial nominee for Uttar Pradesh elections said the remarks are an “insult to the father of our nation” and asked the Union government to take punitive action against the AAP leader.
Dikshit, along with party state unit chief Raj Babbar and other leaders embarked on campaign march to Azamgarh and Ghazipur district.
Diskhit headed the Yatra to Azamgarh and Raj Babbar to Ghazipur district. They addressed gatherings there.
On their way, the congress leaders paid floral tributes to the martyrs of 1942 movement at ‘Shaheed Smarak’ at Cholapur in Varanasi.
Asked to comment on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reference to Balochistan on his I-Day speech and his Vietnam visit, Dikshit replied in a lighter tone saying, “As he is PM, so no comment.”