Haryana records highest rate of gangrape cases in country

Bhartesh Singh Thakur, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh: Haryana has again recorded the highest rate of gangrapes per lakh woman population,

as per the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) report for 2015. The report was released on Tuesday.
There were 204 gangrapes in the state in 2015 which comes down to 1.6 gangrapes per lakh woman population. Rajasthan is at the second spot with 1.2 gangrapes per lakh population whereas Delhi is at the third spot with 1 gangrape per lakh population.
According to the NCRB, the crime rate, defined as the number of crimes reported per lakh population, is universally taken as a realistic indicator since it balances the effect of growth in population and size of state.
The NCRB has calculated the crime for women-related crimes using female population only whereas for remaining, it has been calculated on the basis of total population.
If we talk in absolute numbers, Haryana comes at 4th spot in the country with 204 gangrapes. Uttar Pradesh tops with 458 incidents, followed by Rajasthan with 411 incidents and Madhya Pradesh with 270 incidents. Delhi recorded 92 gangrapes.
Punjab reported 27, Himachal Pradesh had 8 incidents and Chandigarh reported 4 gangrapes.
In 2014 too, Haryana was at top with 1.9 gangrapes per lakh population followed by Delhi at 1.6. There were 230 incidents of gangrape in 2014. In absolute numbers too, Haryana was at 4th spot. While Uttar Pradesh was at top (573), followed by Rajasthan (414), Madhya Pradesh (284).HARYANA SECOND IN DOWRY DEATHS
Haryana had the second highest rate of dowry deaths in the country at 1.9 per lakh population with 243 cases in 2015. At top are Bihar and Uttar Pradesh with a rate of 2.3. In absolute figures, UP recorded 2,335 cases and Bihar posted 1,154 cases. In 2014, Haryana has the third highest rate of 2.5 with 293 cases.
In stalking women, Haryana has the third highest rate in the country. The state with 338 cases has a rate of 2.7 cases per lakh population, while at the top is Delhi which posted a rate of 12.1, with 1,124 cases, while Telangana is second with a rate of 4.2 with 766 cases. In 2014, the state recorded 4th highest rate of 2.3 with 284 cases.
The rate in cases of criminal breach of trust is also second highest in Haryana at 3.8 per lakh population with 1,035 cases. Assam is on top with a rate of 6 with 1,917 cases. In 2014, Haryana, with 786 cases, was at the 4th spot with rate of 2.9.
As far as the rate of forgery cases is concerned, Haryana is at the third spot. It reported 739 cases with a rate of 2.7. At the top is Rajasthan with a rate of 6.4 per lakh population and 4,612 cases.
Uttrakhand is at the second spot with rate of 3.1 and 326 cases. In 2014, Haryana has the second highest rate of 2.5 with 667 cases.
In unnatural offence too, Haryana has the third highest rate in the country. The state with 111 cases recorded a rate of 0.4.
Delhi with 172 cases is at top with rate of 0.8 while Chandigarh, with 12 cases, is at the third spot with rate of 0.7. In 2014, however, Haryana had the second highest rate of 0.5 with 143 cases.