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I was lucky to have been selected for Rang De Basanti: Soha Ali Khan

Soha Ali Khan’s last on-screen outing was Ghayal Once Again, which released this year. Here, the actor talks about her inability to repeat the success of the cult film Rang De Basanti (2006), and why she strives for a work-life balance.

Why haven’t we seen you in a film like Rang De Basanti (2006) again?
There hasn’t been another film like that. I was lucky to have been selected for the movie at that time. It was a wonderful cast and a dream team. But only once in your career do you get a project like that. Honestly, if I was to wait for another Rang De Basanti, then I’d be doing no work at all. You just do the films that you get, and hope for the best.
You were recently trolled online for your tweet on Raghuram Rajan’s exit from the RBI.
The trolls said, “Why do you have an opinion on Raghuram Rajan?” and things like, “You’re such a dumb actor”. That’s not even accurate. I am well-educated, and, as a citizen of India, I have a right to have an opinion on the RBI governor. But the trolling doesn’t make me feel bad. It actually gives me an opportunity to take them (trolls) on. I’m a supporter of free speech and opinion. So, this critique doesn’t bother me. I am thick-skinned. I can laugh at myself. I am not put off by people, even if they talk about something that is really personal to me. As long as people are sharing their opinion in a democratic and peaceful way, I am all for it.
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Your second film of the year is about to release soon. Are you back in form?
The nature of the industry is such that some people work a lot, others work from time to time. I always wanted to do interesting work, and I could certainly do better in that department. But I also want a healthy work-life balance. I want to spend my hard-earned money on the things that I believe life is all about such as travelling, learning about cultures etc. I am not the most ambitious person, but I love to act. I want to do more of it
Is this a good time to be an actress in Bollywood?
I feel now is a good time [to be an actor]. There are more roles for women, especially those who are in their 30s. Women are not just portrayed as the love interest or as the mother. There are more character-driven stories for us, so it seems promising.

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