Should change my name to Gayatri or Bhagwati next time: Hazel Keech lashes out!

Yuvraj Singh’s fiancée, actress Hazel Keech recently faced alleged discrimination at the Jaipur branch of a well-known international money transfer company. On a brief vacation to the Pink City, she walked into the branch with her mother to collect cash sent by her aunt in the US. The officials refused to dispense the cash saying, “Aapka naam Hindu nahi hai.”

The actress voiced her displeasure in a series of tweets. Recalling the strange incident, she told a leading paper, “I was very angry . They were trying to be difficult the moment I walked in. Had it been the case of me not carrying the right documents, I wouldn’t mind but they said it was because of my name. I told them that I am an Indian citizen, so how does it matter what my name is! Indian citizens don’t need to show a passport, you just need government documents as ID proof (pan card and driving license) and I had that with me. But they refused to see my IDs. I spoke to three officers and all of them were rude. They kept laughing and sneering.“

She added that it wasn’t the first time it had happened. “I don’t want anyone to go through this. I am not dramatic or the kind who makes a fuss about things, but this behaviour is unacceptable. Maybe I should change my name to Gayatri or Bhagwati next time. I even asked them if I should recite the Gayatri Mantra or Hanuman Chalisa. My mother is a Hindu and she is a wheat-skinned Indian lady, who was with me when this happened. They gave me a tough time because I am fair-skinned. You cannot deny me something because of my name or the way I look. India is known for its diversity and such acts should not happen.“

Meanwhile, the company has assured the actress that they will look into the matter and get back to her.