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Pokemon walk for a cause

New Delhi: Etti Bali,Pokemon Go, managed to lure the gamers like no other game has. Such is the popularity of the game that a multitude of

tournaments, competitions and walks are being held all over the world and Delhi couldn’t stay far behind. The city will witness a unique Pokemon walk — a walk for a noble cause.
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Organised by an NGO, The Toy Bank, the walk will take place at Lodi Garden and will include plenty of poke-stops (places where the possibility of finding Pokemons is the highest), and also goodies to be won.The NGO collects, refurbishes and donates toys, storybooks and sporting equipment to underprivileged children.

But the big catch here is not the Pokemon, but the cause for which this walk is being organised. “People are playing this game with such enthusiasm, that it also acts as an incentive to get them together. We are asking the participants to bring along old toys, storybooks and sporting equipment, which we will be distributing to underprivileged children,” Vidyun Goel, the founder, says.
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The idea behind this walk is to engage people and acquaint them with the joy that comes along with donating. “We collect, refurbish and distribute toys, and want to encourage people to join us. We have weekly collection drives where those interested can donate toys,” Goel adds.
The venue for the event, Lodhi Garden apart from being a central location, is popular among the gamers for offering Pokemons in abundance. The players will also get to an opportunity to know Lodi Garden’s history, as the walk will also double up as a guided tour for the participants. Keshav Agarwal, of Guava Trips, who is sponsoring the guides for the participants, says, “Our guides will be there at the event, guiding people through the garden and telling them about the heritage value and stories related to the place.”

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