Skiptrace review: Johnny Knoxville makes a Jackass out of Jackie Chan

Director – Renny Harlin

Cast – Jackie Chan, Johnny Knoxville, Fan Bingbing
Rating – 0.5/5
Watching Skiptrace is a depressing experience – and not just because it’s terrible.
You see, the thing about Skiptrace is that it knows exactly how horrible it is. There is not a frame in this movie that seems competently put together. Watching it is like getting roundhouse kicked by Jackie Chan in the face while having Johnny Knoxville pretend it’s Jackass days again and sticking bloodthirsty leeches to your naked eyeballs.
Everyone involved in this film needs to spend a good hour in silence, thinking about what they’ve done. Everyone – Jackie Chan, director Renny Harlin, even Johnny Knoxville – they need to look that fat paycheck in the gloating face, take in all those zeroes, and they need to sit in their mansions and repent.
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The expression on their face is priceless, and perfect for this movie.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of it all, let’s talk about the lazy retread of older (and better) Jackie Chan movies that Skiptrace is. Honestly, they throw everything at you. It doesn’t matter if you’re an obsessive Jackie Chan fan or someone who’s chuckled at his antics now and then, in Skiptrace, you either go full Jackie Chan or you don’t go at all. It’s the equivalent of a Salman Khan film, where all that’s required of Bhai is for him to swagger in and swagger off. Here, Jackie Chan is at his Jackie Chan-iest, hitting the same old beats as always, deluding himself into thinking that he’s giving his fans just what they want.