Attempts to fix matches reported

Within a week of the start of the TNPL, the tournament organisers have found at least two instances of attempts to fix matches. In a press release on Thursday night, the organisers said:

“Three participants reported alleged inappropriate approaches. On investigation, one was found to be a harmless misinterpretation of words while the other two were made with the intent to fix matches.”

The tournament’s anti-corruption team, led by Ravi Sawani, the former chief of the BCCI’s anti-corruption unit, has dealt with the two approaches in a proper manner.

“The heartening development is that now the players are so much more aware of the dangers surrounding them and have immediate access to the Anti-Corruption Unit to report attempts to corrupt the game.

“If players have developed this confidence and are freely reporting approaches, it’s a clear sign that the anti-corruption measures adopted by TNCA are working,” said Sawani. “Be that as it may, TNCA cannot afford to lower its guard and must continue to enforce all preventive vigilance measures.”