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Rahul withdraws plea, to face trial for blaming RSS for Mahatma’s killing

New Delhi: Bhadra Sinha, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi told the Supreme Court on Thursday that he stood by his remarks against the

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh on the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, withdrawing his plea to quash a defamation case filed by the right-wing organisation.
The case will now proceed in a trial court. Though Rahul, who approached the apex court in May 2015, sought personal exemption, his appeal was turned down.
Even Nathuram Godse’s brother said the RSS men killed Mahatma, Rahul’s legal counsel, Kapil Sibal, informed the Supreme Court on his behalf.
Godse, an advocate from Pune, shot dead Mahatma Gandhi in New Delhi on January 30, 1948.
A controversy erupted after the Congress leader said at a rally in Maharashtra’s Bhiwandi that “RSS men shot Gandhiji” in 2014. A worker of the group filed a defamation complaint before a Thane district court the same year.
Gandhi told the Supreme Court last month that he didn’t blame the RSS as an institution for Mahatma’s assassination but only some people from the Hindu group, in remarks that triggered criticism for his “apparent U-turn”.
But later he said stood by every word he said, condemning the “fighting the hateful & divisive agenda” of the RSS.

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