Lamborghini case: ‘Scared’ auto driver nowhere to be seen in Bhayander

Mumbai: Ram Parmar, The auto rickshaw driver whose vehicle suffered damages after wife of Narendra Mehta, BJP MLA from Mira-Bhayander, rammed a brand new Lamborghini into it, is nowhere to be seen in Bhayander.

Local auto drivers said he was not a resident of Bhayander and is unlikely to come back to the area out of fear. They added that immediately after the accident, which took place in Navghar in Bhayander (East) on August 27, he was scared to know who Mehta was and then he fled from the scene later.
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Luckily, no one was injured in the incident and there is no police case as well. Thane rural Police officials said they could only get involved when the victim lodges a complaint. Also, Twitteratis had a lot to say about this incident.
The MLA has claimed that the viral video of the incident was morphed and shot by his detractors for political reasons. “Opposition political parties are behind it to defame me, as I am the MLA of Mira – Bhayander and affiliated to the BJP.”
Opposition reacts
Muzaffar Hussain, MPCC General Secretary Congress and ex-MLC said it is unfortunate that Mehta chose to blame us (Opposition). Mehta is a politician and he can blame anyone as we are living in a democracy, said Hussain. “The story was carried only after verifying the authenticity of the video and Mehta himself has not denied that it happened,” Hussian pointed. But he was quick to add, “It is below my stature to comment on a personal issue and I wish Mrs Suman Mehta a long life and good wishes on her birthday, which was few days ago.”