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High five

Semi-biographical cinematic adaptation of the true story of Hunter ‘Patch’ Adams is indeed an inspirational tale that teaches you to look at your patients first as human beings, rather than a bundle of living tissues that needs repair. An inspiration for Munnabhai MBBS, it’s a must-watch for healthcare professionals.

Robin Williams in 'Patch Adams'.


The movie takes you into a deceitful, corrupt world of unethical healthcare experiments that shakes you to the core. Strong performance of the cast (Rachel Weisz got a supporting actress Oscar) help the movie showcase the struggle and distress of whistle-blowers, all for the truth to be told.


A hard-hitting documentary by filmmaker Micheal Moore, it investigates the profitable, non-universal health insurance and pharmaceutical sectors in the United States. The film tries to convey that healthcare is a right, not a privilege.


A classic, complete movie that combines a great script with some wonderful portrayals, handled with finesse by a director and cameraman who know what they want out of each frame. The opening battle scene simply mesmerises, the ending is visually and emotionally satisfying.


An unconventionally structured narrative that presents itself initially as three different stories but literally collides to be one. It’s a film that talks about violence and struggle in the same breath as love.

Vivek G. Nair


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