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USA furious over Afghanistan as Taliban fighters imprisoned

Taliban fighters freed from penitentiary

KABUL, February 13, Sandipan Sharma: Scores of charged Taliban fighters walked free from penitentiary in Afghanistan on Thursday, triggering judgment from the United States which said they were answerable for killing NATO and Afghan warriors and additionally citizens.

The arrival of the Bagram detainees is situated to further intensify the sharp relationship between Kabul and Washington as US-headed remote troops plan to withdraw 13 years later battling the Islamist aggressors.

“The 65 detainees were liberated and went out of the Bagram jail aggravate early today,” Abdul Shukor Dadras, a part of the Afghan government’s survey figure, told AFP.

Anyhow President Hamid Karzai has called Bagram jail a “Taliban-handling processing plant” and asserted that a few prisoners were tortured into detesting their nation.

When the discharge, the US military depicted the men as “unsafe people” straightforwardly connected to assaults which slaughtered or wounded 32 NATO work force and 23 Afghans.

It gave names and parts of three men to be liberated, incorporating Mohammad Wali, whom it depicted as a suspected Taliban explosives master “biometrically joined” to two bombings against troops in Helmand territory.

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