Police complaint against Dadlani for tweet on Jain monk’s assembly address

A police complaint has been lodged against singer Vishal Dadlani after his tweet after on Jain religious leader Tarun Sagar leader’s address to the Haryana assembly created controversy.

The complaint was made by a member of an organisation named Jain Life at the Shahadra police station in Delhi.
Dadlani said on Sunday he quit the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on his own after offending the Jain community and still saw the Arvind Kejriwal-led party as “family”.
“I apologize again, to the Jain Community, and all others offended. But I beg you all not to support religion in governance, for India’s sake,” he added.
Tarun Sagar, a Digambar Jain community monk, addressed the Haryana assembly on Friday. The monks in Digambara (Sanskrit for sky-clad) sect of Jainism do not wear clothes — a symbol of shunning worldly possessions and indifference to earthly emotions such as shame.
The monk sat on a dias and spoke about the relation between ‘dharma’ and politics, terrorism and female foeticide.
A day later, Dadlani described Tarun Sagar’s speech as “monkery”. He later deleted the tweet. The music director came under widespread attack from members of the Jain community.
Kejriwal described Tarun Sagarji Maharaj “as a very revered saint, not just for Jains but everyone” and said those showing disrespect should stop.
A statement issued by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) general secretary Anil Jain, who called Dadlani an Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader, and Tehseen Poonawala a “Congress supporter” — who was also mentioned in the complaint for “insulting tweets” on the Jain monk — said their comments were “indecent, undignified and petty”.
Poonawalla, in a tweet, had said: “Why is this ‘naked’ man ‘holy’ even if he walks ‘nude’ in the state assembly while a woman would be termed slut (sic)”.