Adult star Sunny Leone’s no-kissing clause!

Adult star Sunny Leone has decided that she won’t be part of any exceedingly intimate scenes in her Bollywood films any more. Not just that, she won’t kiss on screen either. In her latest film Beimaan Love which is an erotic thriller, Sunny “refrained” from kissing co-star Rajniesh Duggal although the script demanded it several times over.

Says a source close to the development, “Sunny has been gradually and gracefully working towards a completely erotica-free image. It started a year ago when in Leela, she refused love-making scenes with her co-star Mohit Ahlawat and insisted that her husband Daniel Weber be brought in as a body-double for Ahlawat. Sunny is far more comfortable with Rajniesh Duggal and has done intimate scenes with him in the past. But in Beimaan Love, she insisted on doing away with kissing scenes altogether.”