Now, get your email address in Hindi

Start-up Data Xgen Technologies has started a paid email address service in Hindi or Devanagari, and plans to roll out free registration of such IDs on the lines of Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo soon.

“A few hundred IDs have been created till now on .bharat domain, which is available in Devanagari script. Anyone interested in Hindi script ID can visit our website and buy an email package,” Data Xgen Technologies founder Ajay Data said. Email sent from these addresses is supported by leading service providers such as Gmail and Microsoft.

“Besides communicating in Hindi, people can send emails from addresses created in Hindi script to Gmail, Outlook and some of the other services,” Mr. Data said.

In a meeting at the Ministry of Electronics and IT, Google and Microsoft had said that their email services accept and can send messages to email ids in Hindi or Devanagari but they do not have plans to provide such email addresses.