I am not into marriage: Nargis Fakhri

Nargis Fakhri had left the country in a hurry without promoting her two films Housefull 3 and Dishoom. But she’s back in the city, promoting her upcoming film Banjo. The actress’s last two films were multistarrers while in Banjo, she is the leading lady. She talks to us about all that and why she is against marriage…

What’s your next film Banjo about?
I love the story. I play a musician from New York. It’s a love story and yet it’s not.

In Banjo, you are the only leading lady. Do you battle insecurity when you do a two or three-heroine project?

People always ask me that question but no, I don’t understand that because I am a part of the film as well so it doesn’t matter. They are paying me. I am getting a paycheque for my role and I am getting to be on screen and looking as good as everybody else so how does it matter whether I am the only one or the film has other actresses?

You left the country because you were unwell. What was wrong?

When I came here, I had arsenic and lead poisoning and no one knew what was wrong with me. It can happen in many ways — it could be in the water, food, rusted lead pipes in an old building… The doctor tested me, but he was so scared because it was at a very high level and I asked him ‘What do I do?’ Then I cured myself. Ayurveda is based on naturopathy, herbs basically but it was a combination of different things that I researched and six months later I got the test done again and there was nothing! The doctor was like ‘Oh, my God! How did you do this?’ And I said I will tell you when I see you (laughs).

That’s how you discovered naturopathy?
It was also because that’s how my mom got cured. When she had breast cancer, she had fibroids and they wanted to cut her uterus out. But she found herbs and took them for six months. I remember seeing all these herbal stuff and tinctures around her as a kid. Within six months, all the fibroids were gone and the doctor was asking how she managed to do it. So already then if a doctor’s asking, ‘How did you cure yourself’? Then something’s wrong with the modern medical system, right? I truly believe we should know our own bodies and learn these things in school.

Any plans of marriage?
I am not into marriage. You look at all the marriages breaking down and all the people cheating on their marriages and you become cynical. Marriage is nothing but a label. Or when someone wants to have half of the assets of one’s spouse, but I have my own assets. I don’t need anyone else’s. I am an independent, educated woman, I make my own money, take care of my mom and I am single so I can do whatever I want, taking no one’s permission and that is the best part.

Do you get into trouble for your sense of humour sometimes?
Yes, here I do, as you may have seen.

You have that kind of humour and persona to be a standup omedian…
It would be nice to do a live show although it would be scary to get on stage. I have stage fright by the way… I know I seem so confident and out there, but it’s a lie. It’s the mask I have to put on before facing the world. On stage I get very nervous, sweating, have heart palpitations, diarrhea and I even have vomited a few times, can’t breathe – everything that you can think of. Maybe some day I will get over it… Who knows?

Rihanna or Beyoncé — who would you love to dance on stage with?
It would have to be Rihanna for sure because I love her though I don’t know why… Though her music scares me and her videos are a bit much, for some reason I really like her.

You like travelling?
Yes. It’s my first love. I think my last holiday was last year… It was so long back that I can’t even remember… It was sometime in July that I had gone to the northern part of the UK where I had stayed in a tree house. It was only for four days… How sad! I hope this will be longer. I have friends in Greece so maybe I will visit them too. Greece is beautiful. I lived in Greece for four months and then I would visit every year as I made so many friends there. I am very smart. You make friends in every country you always have a home to stay.