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Kashmir to be decided by the parties involved: US

press release by The Quint) Kashmir to be decided by the parties involved: US

New Delhi, Aug 23 (PTI) The US today refused to comment on the situation in Kashmir,in the grip of ceaseless violence for a-month-and-a-half, saying that matter has to be decided by the parties concerned.

Asked to comment on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks about atrocities in Pakistan’s Balochistan, US Ambassador Richard Verma was quoted by news website ‘The Quint’ as having said in an interview that,”I would let the Prime Minister’s comment stand on its own”.

On the situation in Kashmir, he said,”About the increased tension in Kashmir in particular, it’s our long-standing policy to leave the matter to be decided by the parties involved.”

On why the US does not raise concern over terrorism originating in Pakistan directed against India, Verma said he would like to “disagree” with the suggestion.

“In the last 15 years in particular, the US under different administrations has gone after terrorists, wherever they are, including LeT. I don’t think there should be any mistaking our commitment,” the US envoy added.

Terming counter-terrorism as a “huge issue”, he said the US has also been a victim of terrorism just like India. Since 9/11, the US has been unrelenting vis-a-vis terrorism, he said.

On how can America deal with China s bid to block India s NSG membership, Verma said it was a hard-work diplomacy and the US can “get it done”.

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