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Forget AFSPA, getting a PAN card is Irom Sharmila’s biggest challenge right now!

She maybe one of the most iconic activists in the world but back home, but to the bureaucracy Irom Sharmilla doesn’t even exist on paper. It seems like Irom Sharmilla has no legal identification document to actually prove she’s an Indian citizen. The 44-year-old broke her 16-year fast earlier this month and plans to fight the elections to continue her campaign to get ASFPA removed.

But it appears that she has no documents to prove that she is an Indian citizen. She doesn’t have a PAN card, bank account or voter identity card, which are necessary to fight polls.

On Tuesday, she expressed a desire to apply for an ‘identity card’. She was quoted saying by HT: “…I plan to attend a mass anti-AFSPA campaign in Delhi…I planning to stay in an ashram for some time and then few days in Ukhrul (Manipur) for the public campaign.” Her older brother Irom Singhajit, confirmed that she had no documents and claimed that she was ‘an Indian at heart who never showed secessionist tendencies during her fast against AFSPA’.

Earlier she had expressed her desire to become the CM: “Yes, I want to become Chief Minister. If I am Chief Minister I can repeal the most unpopular AFSPA. If people do not support me, I will go my own way.” “To end fast is not the end of my movement. There will be a new beginning,” Sharmila said. Sharmila gave up her fast after a local court gave her bail on personal bond in a case of attempt to suicide under which she was arrested. “People wanted me to continue the fast but I decided to end fast. People may not be happy… It is up to them. Change of my mind (to end the fast) was due to lack of people’s support to my movement,” she said.