How did Kim Kardashian manage to get into that swimsuit?

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Kim Kardashian can never not set tongues wagging with her Instagram posts. Be it her nude selfies, her expertise at unintentional shade throwing or her ability to take down haters in one go, no one can stop this mommy of two.

While enjoying some downtime in Mexico with her gal pals and children–3-year-old daughter North and 8-month-old son Saint–Kim took to Instagram to share pictures from her extravagant vacay, including this shot in a swimsuit, which left our mouth hanging wide open.

As banging as the entrepreneur’s bod looks in that one-piece, we can’t help but wonder, how the hell does one get inside it?

It’s even more revealing from behind, which just makes it an object of greater contemplation (and we’re referring to logistics, of course). Like, will we get an instruction manual when we buy that and do we need a team of minions (read colleagues) that will strap us breathless into that simple-looking contraption?

Like her friends, Kim also flaunted her body in another white swimsuit, which left little to imagination.
There’s Kim getting ~dirty~ on the beach.
The question still remains, though–how does one get into that swimsuit?