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Akshay Urja Diwas : A step towards clean energy techo

Sivasagar, Prangan Duarah: Take a look around, we live in a modern world which is very advance and full of cool stuffs. But all the cool stuffs and advance devices we love, from your favourite smartphone to hi-tech devices need energy. That mean they consume energy to entertain us, but the way we make use of energy causes problems. Yes, we are creating our own problems by destroying our very own Ozone layer, who protect us from harmful UV radiation from sun, by enhancing green house gases in the atmosphere which leads to the increase in earth’s average temperature, climate change, increasing average level etc. All most all of these problems results from our dependence on fossil fuel. The burning of fossil fuels produces heat-trapping gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, SOx, NOx etc that are the main cause of the ongoing rise in global atmospheric temperatures. Smart solution to these problems is use of renewable energy sources. Renewable energy sources are considered to be zero (wind, solar, and water), low (geothermal) or neutral (biomass) with regard to greenhouse gas emissions during their operation. These renewable energy sources has emissions that are balanced by the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed during their lifecycle.

Due to ever increasing demand of energy consumption and to decrease the level of greenhouse gases to save our earth, India along with other countries adopting clean ways to generate energy to fulfil energy requirements. Renewable energy sources provide opportunities to use clean energy technologies which are eco-friendly. So, in 2014, the government of India decided to observed 20th August as “Akshay Urja Diwas”. It is an awareness campaign about the developments of renewable energy in India. The day commemorates the birthday of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi. The Ministry for New & Renewable Energy Sources, Govt. of India promotes innovation to adopt renewal energy sources to produce power for the electricity grid and for several standalone applications and decentralised power production. It is very important for us to understand the value of renewable energy. Renewable energy technologies are not only a path to reduce carbon emissions, these technologies go beyond reducing carbon emissions. It provides energy security to the country. The majority of energy sources like oil & gas are concentrated in certain regions. many of which are getting more technically challenging and more expensive to reach demand site, whereas renewable energy is domestic. It provides security of supply, helping a nation reduce its dependence on imported sources.
Today, clean energy technologies like solar, wind, hydro etc are main pillars for India to meet the increasing demand in energy sectors. Today, renewable account for about 33% of India’s primary energy consumptions. But it is not sufficient to meet energy demand in India. It is also expected that the demand for energy will grow by 95 percent by 2030. We need energy for development and we need renewable energy to save our earth.

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