‘I like myself as an actress now

Even after all these years, Trisha still experiences a high when she walks into a room teeming with her posters. “I won’t call it a cheap thrill, but it feels so good. It’s proof of what you’ve achieved, right?” she smiles, at the North Usman Road branch of NAC Jewellers, where she inaugurated a necklace mela on Wednesday.

Actor Trisha Photo: Special Arrangement

The actress believes in long-standing relationships — be it with cinema (she completes 15 years next year) — or the jewellery brand — she’s been with them for a little more than three years. “It’s been so long, but does not feel that way, because there’s something new to do every day,” she says.

The actress, who’s next working on Kodi, Mohini and more, spoke to MetroPlus just before the launch. Excerpts from the interview:

A term often used to define you is ‘survivor’. Does the tag irk you? Are actresses supposed to come with an expiry date?

Exactly. It does irk me, but I also like to look at it as a back-handed compliment. I think what they really mean is that they are happy I’ve sustained this long.

You’re going to complete a decade-and-a-half in the industry. From Mounam Pesiyadhe to now, how do you see your growth over 50-odd films?

I like myself as an actress now (laughs). I won’t say that for my first couple of movies. I’ve worked with directors who’ve polished my skills. I feel I’m in my best phase now.

Of late, you seem to be in the mood to experiment, be it in the choice of movies or the things you do… you’ve even sung a song (‘Bayam’ from Nayaki)…

I loved being part of mass movies, commercial fare where I had to dance. But, with age, one has to move on. I like that I can now pick and choose what I want, try out different genres, take a break if I want to… I really like what I’ve attempted in Kodi. At the same time, I understand that I have that freedom now because of the work I’ve done.

After a while, you’ve worked in a slew of horror films (Aranmanai 2, Nayaki, Mohini)…

Yes, but I think I’m going to give it a break now and try out something else.

On social media, fans get to see Trisha, the confident woman who loves having fun. How much of your life is open for public consumption?

I’m myself, and I’ve always been pretty honest about my life and the choices I make. I’m usually very politically incorrect, but, sometimes, I do play the diplomacy game (laughs). But, there are facets of my life that are off bounds. I like to keep that space private.