Tips for making your apartment look bigger

Web Desk: You might have chosen a slightly smaller apartment as it keeps your rent down; or you just like living in a smaller space as it makes you re-evaluate your possessions and forces you to be smart and only buy essential stuff; hence keeping your budget low. But if you choose to live in a slightly smaller apartment you may time and again need to plan how you place your belongings; to ensure not ending up overflowing with stuff. So while these days you can easily find apartments in varied size ranges suiting your budget; for instance builders such as Unitech have flats in Chennai ranging from studio apartments to 2 and even 3 bedroom apartments; choosing a small space doesn’t mean you have to live in cramped up manner.

Here are few easy room-expanding tricks to help you maximise your square footage and make your apartment look bigger.

Rethink the floor-plan:

Rethink valuable floor-space and how you space out stuff in your room. This is especially important in a studio apartment where each square foot equals to valuable space. You can try swapping out the unnecessary desk in the entrance to create more space or consider moving the bed to a different wall in a studio apartment in order to create an initial feeling of space when you walk into the apt.

View it as an outsider:

You have a spacious flat in Chennai but have taken a temporary studio apartment in Mumbai on rent due to work; even for the little time you stay there; you wouldn’t want to walk in and find the place very cramped or see so much stuff that you don’t know where to look first. Whether it is a symmetrical art hanging, a bed, or just too much stuff try rearranging the room to create a better sight when you walk in. You can try viewing your apartment from the eyes of a stranger; this will help shed light on where there is too much stuff and where things look empty which you can rearrange.

Space it out:

Whether it is a spacious flats in Chennai or a smaller apartment in Mumbai; having too many things cluttered around especially when you enter; with no space to hang your bag, key, etc. will make the space feel small no matter the size of your flat. Try making an empty space or surface to clear an illusion of more space. In the rooms, sometimes only pushing furniture against the walls doesn’t necessarily convert itinto a bigger room; maybe angling your bed might do the trick. Also making some room around the furniture can offer the appearance of more space.

Match the Colors:

In a smaller apartment avoid too many colors. In fact keeping one chosen palette of color will create an illusion of seamless space. So in one pallet of color you can try mixing patterns and colors which will visually make the space look bigger and not chopped up and small;as it would have looked if you used too many color pallets.

Lighten up the room:

Brightening up the room can make it look bigger; and 3 points of light in each room are optimal; but you can of course add more if you like. Also keep your windows clean and try opening up your shades during the brightest part of the day. Additionally while dark colors are designer friendly they will make the room appear smaller; so instead try sticking to paler colors like white, cream, pale grays and blues which can make the room look light, airy and open.

Get creative:

You might want to get a bit creative while designing a smaller apartment. Even something as simple as hanging the artwork instead of making it leanagainst a wall or on top of a dresser can bring the eye up and make the space feel more expansive. There are many things you can get creative with such as mirrorswhich are the quickest way to make a room appear larger. We don’t suggest wall-to-wall, but you can try leaning an oversized full-length mirror against a key wall or hanging multiple smaller ones with some other pictures or art against one wall to create a kind of statement wall.

Keep it big:

Instead of decorating a small space with smaller furniture; which most of us will normally do; as thinking logically a small space needs small furniture. But on the contrary just one prominent furniture space which serves all the purposes, such as a large sofa rather than a smaller sofa and two smaller chairs, will help create more space and also make the place look uncluttered and open.

Besides this there are a lot of other things that you can do to convert a smaller apartment into looking more spacious and transforming it into even something which is “a sight for sore eyes”.