Birthday girl Jacqueline Fernandez is queen of Snapchat and very funny too

Raise your hand if you love Snapchat.
If you’re raising your hand, then you will quite like Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez, who turns 31 on Thursday.

We love seeing what Jacqueline is up to most days on her Snapchat, where she leaves nothing to the imagination. Her Snapchat username is jacqueen143. (Snapchat)
It seems like everything in the Sri Lankan beauty’s (work and personal) life happens on Snapchat these days. She is a huge fan of documenting pretty much everything on the app, and it’s actually refreshing to see how normal her day-to-day life is.
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The birthday girl loves using the popular photo and video-sharing app (and might just be addicted to it, #justsaying). If you want constant updates on her new hair or what her shoots look like, this is the account for you. She also sings and dances a lot into the camera, just to warn you.

Jacqueline shared this post with her mother using the bunny filter to wish her fans on Easter. (Snapchat)
Like many celebrities and normal people, Jacqueline is forever Snapping away, using those crazy face swaps and sharing snippets of her day with friends, loved ones and fans.
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In a way, right now is the best time to follow her on Snapchat, because it’s perhaps the only way to get an authentic, behind-the-scenes look at your favourite celeb’s life, like never before. Sure, there are filters and editing techniques, but unlike other forms of social media, Snapchat feels more spontaneous and casual than, say a tweet or an Insta shot.

Jacqueline’s a fan of well-placed selfies… and her fans are eternally grateful for that. (Snapchat)
We love seeing what Jacqueline is up to most days on her Snapchat, where she leaves nothing to imagination.
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Here is how she is totally rockin’ her Snap game. Go on, download Snapchat, if you’re not already on it, and get following this super-fun actress to keep you entertained on your morning commute, or when you’re double-screening in front of the TV. Her Snapchat username is jacqueen143.
Now, few of her Snaps.

Jacqueline travels the world, chronicling her photo shoots, film promotions and glam sessions, and it will give you major actress envy. Trust. (Snapchat)

Jacqueline is the queen of fashion, but she’s also very funny too. For more polished “outfit of the day” type posts, it’s best to follow her on Instagram, but for some more informal jokes and glimpses of her wardrobe, her Snaps are definitely hilarious . (Snapchat)

She’s not afraid to show the less-than-glamorous sides of her life, from cuts and bruises to diet woes. Plus, fans get awesome shots of her cooking her signature dishes pretty regularly. And who could hate on her penchant for face swaps? Proof below. (Snapchat)

Who wouldn’t want to see an Akshay Kumar-Jacqueline Fernandez face swap? (Snapchat)