‘One State, one vote’ to become reality by September 30

The Justice Lodha Committee has asked the BCCI to adopt Annexure-A (Memorandum of Association, Rules and Regulations) by September 30, 2016.

The proposal, one of the important recommendations validated by the Supreme Court, pertains to awarding full membership — under the one-State one-vote rule — to Arunachal Pradesh, Bihar, Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Sikkim, Mizoram and Uttarakhand (the last two are not even affiliate members of the BCCI).

Associate members
The member units which will be relegated as associate members are Cricket Club of India (Mumbai), National Cricket Club (Kolkata), Services, Railways and All India Universities.

The committee had also ruled that “in States with multiple existing members, the BCCI shall recognise one of them to represent the State, while the remaining shall become Associate Members.’’

Clearly the three present full members in Maharashtra (Maharashtra, Mumbai and Vidarbha) and Gujarat (Gujarat, Saurashtra and Baroda) will have to decide the order of rotation (annual basis).

Explaining the jurisdiction of the full member, the committee said: “The territorial jurisdiction of the Full Members classified under Rule 3(a) (ii) shall be of the administrative State so defined under the Constitution.

“If a State were to be bifurcated, the newly created State would be entitled to an independent Full Membership, and shall be so inducted within 3 months of such Statehood coming into force.’’

The next 35 working days (till the first timeline of Sept. 30) will keep the BCCI officials and the present full member units occupied to facilitate the change from the old by-laws to the new as per Annexure-A of the Justice Lodha Committee recommendations, begin the process of forming the players association, and award associate membership to Puducherry, which as of now is not even an affiliate member of the BCCI.