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Arunachal Pradesh: the land of rising sun

Sivasagar, Prangan duarah: The land of rising sun, Arunachal Pradesh, is the largest among all the North- East States considering its vast area comprising of 83743 Sq. K.Ms, which became an independent state on 20th February 1987. The State share international borders with Bhutan, China and Myanmmar. Situated in the outer Himalayas and Patkoi Ranges, the state Arunachal Pradesh is a land of distinct culture and tradition and also a home to more than dozens of ethnic groups, which makes it more colourful with its diverse culture and traditions.

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Arunachal Pradesh is not only rich in its cultural heritage where more than 50 languages and dialects are spoken by the people belongs to the different tradition, it is also famous for its rich flora, fauna, power and mineral potential where about two-thirds of the state is forested. Like it’s diverse culture, it also have diverse climates. The climate of Arunachal Pradesh varies with topography and elevation. The foothill zone is subtropical and has a hot and humid climate; in the lower valleys, summer temperatures in June, July, and August typically rise into the mid-90 degree F (mid-30 degree C), while winter high temperatures in December, January, and February usually reach the mid-50s F (about 13 °C). Average temperatures decrease as elevations increase in the mountains.
Due to this divers climate, the state houses different variety of plants and animals which includes a great variety of medicinal plants including ginseng and yew, tigers, clouded and snow leopards, elephants, wild buffalo, serow and goral goats, many species of deer, and primates such as hoolock gibbons, slow lorises, macaques, and capped langurs. But we all know that due to human activities, the global warming and climate change is now at it’s ever increasing rate. A number of Studies have revealed that the climate change and global warming is resulting in a large-scale changes in the biodiversity of the Arunachal Pradesh.
Nissi (Nishi or Dafla), Sherdukpen, Aka, Monpa, Apa Tani, Hill Miri, Wancho, Nocte, and Tangsa are the among the main tribes of the Arunachal Pradesh. These tribal people play a key part in constituting cultural heritage of the state. They have a very unique lifestyle rich tradition. Festivals are the one of the most colourful part of their tradition. Along with the great experiences, breathtaking moments and amazing views, rich cultural heritage Arunachal Pradesh attracts thousands of thousands tourist every year. So, if you are looking for a relaxing holiday then this state will not disappoint you.

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