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Trump’s campaign spends zero on ads, Clinton spent millions

Washington, Aug 10 – Since the end of the political primaries in June, the campaign of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has spent absolutely nothing on television advertisements, the media reported on Wednesday.

However, the campaign of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has laid out $52 million on TV ads, most of it in swing states that are predicted to be key in the November elections, EFE news cited figures gathered by the Advertising Analytics analysis firm as showing.

The billionaire’s austerity calls attention to his unpopularity in the polls, where Clinton has a wide lead, and his fundraising efforts and donations in July, when he collected more than $80 million.

The magnate also has been exceeded in ad spending by Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who have spent $15,000 and $189,000, respectively.

If the support of the so-called SuperPACs are taken into account, Trump’s spending on TV ads rises to $8.2 million, much below the $91.1 million spent by Clinton.

The mogul’s campaign has produced several ads, but they have been rebroadcast on the social networks to date.


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