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Is Ranbir Kapoor secretly visiting Katrina Kaif?

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s break-up shocked everyone around earlier this year. The lovely couple called it quits after a series of arguments, following which Ranbir left the love nest that the two were staying in.

The two actors made every attempt at avoiding each other at numerous dos and events ever since then. But now, a report on Deccan Chronicle has left us surprised. The report states that Ranbir was spotted at Katrina’s new house.

The daily quoted a source, “The mutual friend never expected to see Ranbir there. But Katrina did not seem surprised. It looked as though she was expecting him.”

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We don’t know if these reports are true but if they turn out to be true, then there’s still a chance for the Ranbir-Kat relationship to work out. Will they give each other a second chance? Or is this news another example of sensational journalism?