IMRC’s health clinic in remote Jharkhand village treats a thousand patients in 3 months

Gorighat: US-based, Indian Muslim Relief & Charities (IMRC) have started a clinic on April 3 this year in Gorighat village of Chatara district in Jharkhand which comes under Kothi-Gumaria belt, where population is predominantly poor.

The presence of a clinic in an area with no roads, no electricity, no water and no medical facilities at all is turning out to be a major success as more than 1,000 patients with different health complications have been treated in last three months except for the month of Ramadan, when the clinic was closed.

Kundan Kumar a 16-year-old boy from Gorighat village in Chatara district of Jharkhand lost his father in an accident. Days following his father’s death, he started experiencing severe fever and coughing, which left him bedridden for days.

“I didn’t know that I was suffering from some serious disease. I used to cough frequently, but being poor my deceased father couldn’t afford to take me to a hospital which is 40 Kms from here,” said Kundan.

On Sunday April 3 this year, a neighbour came to inform him about a health clinic started in a local Madarasa. Without losing time, he went to clinic where the doctor diagnosed him with Tuberculosis.After his father death, Kudan is the lone bread earner of his family.

Over the next two months, nine more cases of Tuberculosis were treated in the village clinic.

A local Islamia Arabia Madarasa has provided three rooms, where the clinic is established after installation of examination table, desks, a pardah besides commonly prescribed medicines and a diagnostic gear.

Among the treated patients, 10 were suffering from Tuberculosis, 150 patients had been diagnosed with malaria, 144 with typhoid, 20 with serious liver problems besides numerous others with general health ailments.

The patients are charged Rs 30 for examination and are provided free medicines within the amount. Those who can’t pay even 30 rupees are treated for free.

Dr Mohammad Hussain, who has volunteered for IMRC health clinic in the village is a retired army doctor and lives at a distance of 12 kms from the village.

He always wanted to serve the community and feels delighted at the IMRC initiative of opening the clinic in such a remote village. He believes that more such village clinics should be started in every rural area so that quality health care is accessible to poor populace at their door steps.

“The rush of patients in the clinic is huge. Every Sunday it takes me 8-10 hours to treat more than hundred patients, because people travel on foot from various villages within 40 kms radius of Gorighat,” he said.

“As it is a rural area and majority of population is economically backward, they can’t afford to either visit a doctor or buy medicines which leaves them at the mercy of God. More clinics are required in these villages so that people don’t lose their lives to diseases that are curable,” he added.