Shraddha Kapoor wants to turn villain (Just like daddy, Shakti Kapoor)

Shraddha Kapoor has clicked with the masses and has a string of successes to prove it — with those hits coming from genres as varied as action, rom-com and dance. But while she has played a leading lady in most of her films, she has never played a negative role. Bring it up and she admits, “I do want to play the villain now in some film. I think I am getting more attracted to the dark side these days. So if an offer comes to me where I have to play a negative character, I will take it up.” She has a reference point ready. “Something like The Black Swan would be great”, she says. Has she been offered a similar role? “Not yet,” she says.

Papa, please preach
Well, if she wants tips on being a baddie, she doesn’t have to look far, does she? Father Shakti Kapoor, who started out as a hero, moved on to negative roles, with much success.